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    Computer Aided Research in Managing Educational Process
    (World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), 2010) MANDIC, DANIMIR; BANDJUR, VELJKO; LALIC, NENAD; MARTINOVIC, DRAGAN
    In the process of action research are trying to gather quantitative facts, as well as other empirical research. This, however, is basic and primary goal of action research. Action research is largely based on qualitative factors. Paradigm of action research is less scientific explanation, a more pedagogical and methodological understanding of the phenomenon that is the subject of research. That does not mean that action research does not strive for the quantitative facts. They tend to rely on quantitative and qualitative facts simultaneously. Action research differs from other types of methodological research and the fact that the researchers considered all the participants of activities (actions) which is the subject of research. Managing changes in education requires particular teachers knowledge. Managing innovations is very complex, because the teacher’s resistance occurs due to insufficient capability and inadequate equipment in schools. Overcoming this problem involves active participation in seminars for teacher training. Development of information technology and constantly innovating educational technology causes changes in the methods and forms of teaching and organization that would be optimal in the era of mass application of Internet and electronic sources of knowledge.
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    Analysis of financial performance determinants: evidence from the european agricultural companies
    (Federal Rural University of Pernambuco, 2022) Vuković, B.; Milutinović, M.; Mijić, K.; Krsmanović, B.; Jakšić, D.
    The aim of this research is to analyze the key factors that have an impact on the company’s financial performance during seven-years period (2013-2019). The sample consists of 460 large and very large European agricultural companies engaged in plant cultivation. Taking into account the natural and technological potentials of plant production on the European market and its importance for sustainable economic growth, multiple regression model is used in order to research the financial performance of agricultural companies. The presented results pointed out that there are six variables (company’s size, asset tangibility, current liquidity, short-term financing, long-term financing, debt to asset) that have a statistically significant impact on financial performance. The identification of these factors provides useful guidelines on how to improve company’s financial performance in order to provide quality and competitiveness of plant production in the European and also world market. Competitive crop and vegetable production would provide the necessary preconditions for a competitive food industry that should ensure continuous industrial and investment growth, satisfactory rate of merchandise exports, growth of business efficiency and employment growth on the European market.