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    Resource evaluation of lower layers of vegetation under the canopy of a beech tree
    (2020) Gryazkin, A V; Gutal, M M; Belyaeva, N V; Bespalova, V V; Kazi, I A; Vu Van, H
    The object of research – new growth and undergrowth under the canopy of growing stocks with predomination of a beech tree as the first and the second storeys. Our work objective – monetization of tree resources deposited with new growth and undergrowth of beech forests of North Caucasus. The structure of the new growth and the undergrowth is not uniform in height and composition, it varies essentially among the subjects of research. The mean number of the new growth is 8988 pcs/ha and of the undergrowth – 1998 exemplars/ha. The mean height of the new growth is 0.65 m, of the undergrowth – 0.86 m. The mass of one plant of the mean height in the air-dry condition is equal to 0.24 kg for the new growth and 0.55 kg for the undergrowth. The income amount from sales of the undergrowth is less than from the new growth. While the maximum total income from sales of the new growth and undergrowth phytomass may be about 43 ths/ha. Final results depend significantly on the structure by height, on the composition and the number of the new growth and the undergrowth.