Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Children and Young Peoples’ Body Composition

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Montenegrin Sports Academy
This study aimed to collect relevant data from current studies on the effects of aerobic exercise on Children and Young Peoples’ body composition. The following databases were reviewed: Google Scholar, Mendeley, SCIndeks, and KOBSON. The criteria for the analysis of the papers were as follows: the period of publication of papers from 2008 to 2020, longitudinal studies conducted in English, a sample of respondents aged 7 to 20 and the type of results for the purposes of a systematic review. The final analysis included 15 studies, which were analysed and presented, and the analysis of the obtained results shows that the effects of aerobic exercise have a positive effect on the body composition of children and young people. The results of the research can be used by future research in order to find adequate literature on the effects of aerobic exercise on children and young peoples’ body composition.
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aerobic training, body composition, children and young people