Analysis of the Influence Parameters on the Support Structure Stiffness of Large Radial-Axial Bearings

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University of Ljubljana Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana et al.
In certain types of crane and earth-moving machinery, such as portal cranes, loaders and excavators, the transfer of loads to crane tracks or the terrain is accomplished by means of undercarriage frames composed of box-like girders. The hypothesis that all four supports of the undercarriage frame do not lie in the horizontal plane is the basis for the formation of a calculation model. This paper analyses the influence of geometric parameters of box-like girders on the magnitude of additional forces at the supports of those frames when one of the supports is raised or lowered relative to the horizontal plane for the size Δ. Theoretical dependences between moments of inertia and stiffness under bending and torsion of those girders were thus established. Obtained relations leads to more concise forms of expressions for influential coefficients in Maxwell-Mohr integrals and simplifies optimization methods in the design of support structures. With experimental verification of the results, the influences of geometric parameters on the stiffness of the support structure are confirmed, and preconditions are created for further analysis of the connection made by large diameter bearings.
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support structure, large diameter bearing, box-like girders, geometrical parameters, stiffness, experimental verification