Determination of short-term trailer park amenities using a fuzzy method

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Varna Univerisity of Management
Campgrounds are an essential part of the camping experience due to the attractions and facilities they offer to campers. The factors that motivate campers to travel have increasingly become more complex making it vital to take camper expectations into account for effective planning of campgrounds. The present study aimed to determine the trailer park amenities based on expert opinion. The paper systematically applied the Fuzzy Pivot Pairwise RElative Criteria Importance Assessment (Fuzzy PIPRECIA) Method in the selection of the trailer park criteria. Four main criteria and 20 sub-criteria were considered. In the findings the amenities were structured as follows: primarily, 'location,' followed by 'necessities' and 'campground attributes' and finally 'facilities and camping tools.' Spearman and Pearson correlation coefficients were employed to determine the consistency of the proposed model
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Camping, caravan, trailer parks, trailer park amenities, fuzzy PIPRECIA method