Sociological aspects of alcoholism as a social deviation in Bosnia and Herzegovina*

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Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University)
There has always been an interest in social-pathological problems in the society. Documents confirming our wish to find out the causes of ‘other’ types of behavior as opposed to the ‘usual’/accepted types date back to the Ancient and Middle Ages. The social significance of the study of social-pathological phenomena is evident for they allow to reveal dysfunctionalities in certain structural elements or failed socialization, which are most probably determined by destabilization of the social system and value priorities. Alcoholism as a form of deviant behavior is usually considered the most common and influential factor of destroying the physical and psychological health and of negative changes in human behavior. The article describes the level of alcoholism and the ways of perceiving it in Bosnia and Herzegovina based on the empirical data collected within the broader scientific study of the social changes in one part of Bosnia and Herzegovina — Republic of Srpska. The survey was conducted on the representative sample of 220 respondents (reflecting the social-demographic and social-economic characteristics of the general population) in 7 municipalities of the Republic of Srpska. The questionnaire consisted of both closed and partly open questions to reveal the opinions of the respondents on specific deviant forms of behavior and to find out whether the respondents are engaged in some of these deviant forms depending on their attitudes and knowledge about them
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alcoholism; deviation; deviant forms of behavior; Republic of Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina; sociological survey; empirical indicators