Machining Simulation and Verification of Tool Path for CNC Machine Tools with Serial and Hybrid Kinematics

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Faculty of mechanical and civil engineering Kraljevo, University of Kragujevac
Development of modern machine tools basically is directed on improvement of kinematic structures and exploitation characteristics. As a result of this in last two decades industry more and more uses machine tools based on parallel and hybrid kinematics with significant increasing of speed of main and movement and feederate. In order to provide more efficient exploitations of these machines, reduce of the preparation time of production, increase of the safety of users and machines is necessary application of software for simulation and verification programs. This paper presents the concept of modern technological preparing of manufacturing in the case of the definition of virtual machine tools based on conventional - serial and hybrid kinematics, simulation of machining and verification of programs for machining of characteristic workpiece.
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Virtual machine tool, machining simulation, verification of tool path, CAD/CAM, CLF, NC program