Inland water in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Modern researches of the Earth's surface by remote sensing are mainly based on photointerpretation of satellite images. Copernicus is the most important European program of satellite observation and monitoring in 33 countries of the European Union and 6 cooperating countries including Bosnia and Herzegovina. Within the program, there are several databases on inland waters, including EU-Hydro and Water and Wetness. Also, CORINE Land Cover is database containing water information within five main categories. The paper analyses data on water bodies that include lakes, reservoirs, rivers and wetlands. According to the EU-Hydro database for Bosnia and Herzegovina there are 251 water reservoirs with an area of at least 1 ha. The amount of precipitation is higher than the European average and density of the river network is relatively high. Since it is not a densely populated country, the amount of water per capita is 8 times larger in comparison with Germany or 3 times larger than in France. However, renewable water resources are not evenly distributed, neither temporally nor spatially, so this is a challenge for their management.
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