Some Applications of Biomaterials in Automotive Industry

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Environmentally responsible behaviour should be promoted in all spheres of life. This issue applies to the automotive industry as much as it does elsewhere. This is one of the most important reasons for the expansion of the use of biomaterials in car manufacturing. They have numerous advantages in terms of eco-friendly production technologies, reduction in the exploitation of fossil resources and waste minimization due to their features of biodegradability and recyclability. The paper shows an overview of the basic definitions of and methods for obtaining certain biomaterials. Here, the emphasis is placed on bio-based plastics, rubber and composites, because of their overwhelming presence in newly oriented industries. Due to the various applications and characteristics of bio-plastics, an overview of the tensile strength of each variation is given, with an emphasis that similar tests were conducted for all of them. Furthermore, knowing that the mechanical, chemical, thermal and other characteristics of biomaterials are all considered to be satisfactory, there has been a reasonable attempt to use them instead of conventional materials whenever possible. Consequently, the work contains an overview of the application of biomaterials in making different parts in the automotive industry and descriptions of their incorporation into branded vehicles, as a tool for increasing human consciousness of the fact that making a profit and preserving nature can result from the same activity. The paper also involves analysis of the conditions that biomaterials have to satisfy in order to expand their usage in the production of parts for the automotive industry.
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Automotive industry, Bioplastics, Biorubber, Biocomposites