The influence of variety and fertilization on yield and content of vitamin c in the root of parsley

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University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Agronomy, Cacak
The two-year research investigated the impact of different varieties and fertilizers on the root yield and the vitamin C content in the root of parsley. Three varieties of parsley were used and three fertilization treatments were applied (mineral, organic and organomineral fertilizer) as well as control. The varieties used in the research were: ’Domestic Sawmills‘, ’Mooskrause‘, ’Berlin Semi-Long’‘. The root yield and the vitamin C content in the root of parsley were significantly influenced by variety and type of fertilizer. With use of organic fertilizer, the highest yield of roots was achieved in both research years. The lowest vitamin C content was found in the unfertilized control, while the highest vitamin C content was obtained in the organomineral fertilizer treatment, but did not differ significantly from the treatment with organic fertilizer .
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parsley, yield, vitamin C, variety, fertilization.