Differences in anthropometric measures of the orbit between Serbian and Roma population of the Central Serbia

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Serbian Medical Association
Introduction/Objectives The shape and size of the orbital cavity are important parameters in planning surgical interventions and have significance in anthropology and forensic medicine. The aim of this study was to determine the morphometric characteristics of orbital cavity in Serbian population and to examine if there are differences in examined parameters between Serbs and the Roma Community of Serbia. Methods Using computer tomography and subsequent multiplanar reconstruction we analyzed orbits from 76 Serbian and 18 Roma healthy volunteers. There was no significant difference in age between the ethnicities. Results The height and width of the left orbit and the height of the right orbit were significantly higher in Roma group, whereas the width of the right orbit was not statistically different between ethnicities. Orbital indices, however, for both left and right orbit did not significantly differ between Serbian and Roma examinees. Right orbital volume did not differ between the groups, but left orbits had significantly larger volumes in Roma population. Finally, biorbital and interorbital width were both significantly higher in Roma than in Serbian examinees. We could not show differences between sexes except for the biorbital width, which had lower values in Serbian, but not Roma women than in men. Conclusion Taken together, our results indicate larger orbits, as well as greater distances between the eyes in Roma than in Serbian examinees
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ethnicity; sex; multiplanar reconstruction; orbit; Roma; Serbian