Is there any connection between endurance, explosive strength and speed performance?

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University of Pitesti Publishing House
Metabolism of blood lactate and muscle fiber composition are creating for decades basement for determining muscle work and how it can affect sport performance. The main purpose of this research was to verify, whether there exists any correlation between specific intermittent shuttle run test (endurance) with explosive strength and acceleration tests. 19 professional soccer players of Slovak Fortuna league (Age 24.4 ± 4.84, Height 181.75 ± 3.87, Weight 77.50 ± 6.16) participated during pre-season testing of fitness abilities. Intermittent yo-yo test, Squat jump test, Counter-movement jump test and sprints on 5 & 10 meters were used. Pearson correlation revealed, that higher score at intermittent yo-yo test is significantly and objectively linked with higher score at SJ and CMJ test (p < 0.05, r = 0.48 (SJ), 0.49 (CMJ)). Additionally, intermittent yo-yo test score seems to be linked with lower time at 5 m test, but not at 10 m sprint test (p < 0.01, r = 0.54). It is questionable, whether these finding were caused by stretch-shortening cycle mechanism or blood-lactate metabolism ability of organism. Partial role might be taken by muscle fiber composition in players and ability of these fibers to accumulate and depriving blood-lactate during activity.
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correlation, endurance, explosive strength, soccer, speed