Dental pulp pain in young and postmenopausal women: a pilot study

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Serbian Medical Society - Dental Section, Belgrade, Serbia
Introduction This pilot study was aimed to compare pulpal pain provoked by electrical and thermal (cold) stimuli in healthy young women during various phases of menstrual cycle and postmenopausal women. Material and methods The study included 20 regularly menstruating healthy women and 20 postmenopausal women. Electrical (electrical pulp tester) and cold (refrigerant spray) stimuli were performed on mandibular central incisors, twice in regularly menstruating (menstrual and luteal phases) and once in postmenopausal women. Results were expressed as pain threshold values for electrical pulp stimulation (0-80 units) and pain intensity scores (visual numeric scale, from 0 to 10) for cold stimulation. Results In young women, higher pain electrical threshold (p=0.484) and pain sensitivity score (p=0.015) were observed in luteal in comparison to menstrual phase. In postmenopausal women, electrical pain threshold was significantly higher while pain intensity score was significantly lower than in young women, regardless of the menstrual phase and painful stimuli. Conclusion Lower responsiveness to dental pulp pain was obtained in young women in luteal phase and postmenopausal women
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dental pulp; menstrual cycle; pain; menopause