Jesus Christ and the Minjung in Korean Liberation Theology

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Православни богословски факултет Светог Василија Острошког Универзитета у Источном Сарајеву
The history of Korean Christianity is actually a history of a specific liberation theology, which defined the images of Christ that are unique to the East Asian way of thinking. Koreans faced many troubles on national basis from the 17th century onward, so they tried to resolve these problems using their old religious and philosophical systems, but these proved to be inadequate in the face of fierce political regimes and hard social circumstances. Christianity was a new religion, which they understood as promising liberation not only in the afterlife, as some branches of Buddhism did, but also in this life. Reviewing the history of this process of liberation, the author explains each image of Christ that appeared in Korean theology since the very introduction of Christianity in 17th century. Although largely unknown in our theological circles, these Korean images of Christ are very important for understanding the way in which Orthodox Christianity might be introduced to the nation that is now more than 30% Christian.
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Jesus Christ, Christology, Korea, liberation theology, minjung theology, Confucianism, Independence Movement 1919, Korean Christian Declaration, Korean Protestantism, Korean Catholicism