Preventive Thermographic Diagnostic of a HV Busbar Disconnector

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
For the purpose of increasing quality, continuity and, at the same time, of increasing reliability and decreasing the losses in an electric power system (EPS), there is an emerging need for preventive diagnostic testing. From the standpoint of an electric power system availability, it is desirable to perform as many tests as possible without a violation of operating conditions of the system itself. The paper presents the thermographic testing of a HV disconnector, as an online testing with the aim of preventive maintenance and condition diagnosis of particular elements, as well as the suggestions for taking adequate measures with the aim of removing potential malfunctions. For the testing results to be quality and to give a reliable information, the load of a facility must be bigger that 50% of the nominal power. On the basis of obtained thermograms, the analysis of the disconnector and its contacts is performed, as well as of the contacts towards other elements in the facility.
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Paper - thermography, diagnostics, disconnector, availability, preventive