Application of Game-Based Learning in Cultural Heritage

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Although the end of Moore's law has been predicted for many years, the capacity to store information in information and communication technology is still progressing in ways we could not imagine. Hence, the museum environments are also bene ting from improvements in data collection, storage and processing as well as allowing the great body of information within cultural heritage domain to be applied through interesting processes in the museums, one of which is game-based learning. Although, concept of employing games in the learning process is known for a long-time research teams in game-based learning and in the CH eld in general often lack uni ed approach with results that are ex- tended globally and team effort contributing to a larger systematically organized body of knowledge. In this paper we identify advantages and disadvantages of game-based learning application in the museums. By doing this we attempt to tackle promotion of cultural heritage, raise awareness of its importance and motivate users to visit cultural institutions such as museums more often.
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