Application of Biopolymers in the Food Industry.

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Plastic materials obtained from oil are used in the food industry. These polymers are cheap and available. They have good mechanical properties, good barriers for oxygen and vaporizable aromatic substances, and they can be hot welded. However, the main disadvantage is that biopolymers are not biodegradable, and certainly not environmentally friendly. That is the reason why the application of plastic materials must be limited and gradually replaced by materials that cause fewer ecological problems. Edible and biodegradable natural polymeric materials are one of the alternatives for food usage. These are made from polysaccharides, lipids, and proteins. Their application saves money that would otherwise need to be spent on environmental protection. Biodegradable natural polymeric materials can be used as edible films and coatings, packaging materials, carriers of antimicrobial and antioxidative materials, etc. Nanocomposites will be applied for food packaging in the future. Nanoscale research, including detection of a pathogen, active packaging, antimicrobial packaging, and the formation of barriers, will improve food packaging. It may be possible to use particles that are not organic to introduce diverse components such as colors and odors. They also may be used as tanks for the controlled release of drugs or fungicides.
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Biodegradable natural materials, Edible films, And coatings, Packaging materials, Carrier of antimicrobial and antioxidative materials