Bologna Model of Education–MD/PhD Program: Observation of PhD students in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Academy of Medical Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The reform of the higher education system and the introduction of the Bologna Process throughout the University of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the PhD study became the next step in education after the completion of an integrated study of medicine. The fact is that something has to be changed. The degree of scientific excellence must be preserved and the high quality must be aspired. If the practice of enrollment of a new generation in year after year continues, the students need to have infrastructure with high quality, high quality mentoring and counseling, because essentially, in the end, science is powerful tool that one country must use for its promotion. In the end, it is only right to combine the maximum of the academic community and students themselves, who can only achieve something more with their integrated activities. This text is written with hope that in a few years there will be a new group of PhD students who will analyze the scientific output of this generation of PhD students, and from different time point say, whether this generation that strived to scientific excellence, managed to raise the level of medical science as well as clinical practice on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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