A Novel Hybrid Interval Rough SWARA–Interval Rough ARAS Model for Evaluation Strategies of Cleaner Production

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Cleaner production is certainly a challenge of our everyday life, and a lot of effort and energy is required to achieve it. This paper has created a model of five strategies for cleaner production in Libyan industry, which have been evaluated on the basis of eight criteria. In order to determine the significance of the criteria, a novel interval rough SWARA (step-wise weight assessment ratio analysis) method has been developed, which takes into account the preferences of decision-makers (DMs) by applying interval rough numbers. A novel interval rough ARAS (additive ratio assessment) method has been developed for the evaluation and selection of the most favorable strategy for cleaner production. The integration of the developed methods has yielded results showing that the first strategy, launching awareness-raising campaigns to publicize these policies, represents the most realistic and best current solution to achieve cleaner production in Libyan industry. A comparative analysis with some existing interval rough methodologies has been presented to verify the superiority of the proposed model. In addition, in a sensitivity analysis, the weight of the most significant criterion has been changed.
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cleaner production; interval rough numbers; SWARA; ARAS; multi-criteria decision-making