The influence of workloads and depth queue on the performance of SSD disk RAID 0 level array

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo
The RAID 0 level represents a group of N independent disks. The data is written consecutively in blocks to various hardware units. This procedure increases the total storage space. Since the capacity of SSD devices is relatively small, connecting them into a N disks RAID 0 array results in a device N times larger than the smallest device. RAID 0 allows multiple devices to be accessed simultaneously, that is, to obtain write and read speed operations in proportion to the number of SSDs that are forming the array (if the bus speed allows). However, the performance of the RAID 0 array, besides the impact of the number of used units, is also affected by other parameters. The paper analyzes the effect of RAID 0 array size (number of SSD units), average block size, and queue depth to the RAID 0 array performance.
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RAID 0, capacity, SSD disk, write speed, read speed, average workload data block, queue depth.