A Model for Working Environment Monitoring in Smart Manufacturing

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The growing application of smart manufacturing systems and the expansion of the Industry 4.0 model have created a need for new teaching platforms for education, rapid application development, and testing. This research addresses this need with a proposal for a model of working environment monitoring in smart manufacturing, based on emerging wireless sensor technologies and the message queuing telemetry transport (MQTT) protocol. In accordance with the proposed model, a testing platform was developed. The testing platform was built on open-source hardware and software components. The testing platform was used for the validation of the model within the presented experimental environment. The results showed that the proposed model could be developed by mainly using open-source components, which can then be used to simulate different scenarios, applications, and target systems. Furthermore, the presented stable and functional platform proved to be applicable in the process of rapid prototyping, and software development for the targeted systems, as well as for student teaching as part of the engineering education process.
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cyber-physical systems; working environment; MQTT; IoT; open-source hardware; opensource- software; smart manufacturing; convolutional neural networks