Ranking Road Sections Based on MCDM Model: New Improved Fuzzy SWARA (IMF SWARA)

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Traffic management is a significantly difficult and demanding task. It is necessary to know the main parameters of road networks in order to adequately meet traffic management requirements. Through this paper, an integrated fuzzy model for ranking road sections based on four inputs and four outputs was developed. The goal was to determine the safety degree of the observed road sections by the methodology developed. The greatest contribution of the paper is reflected in the development of the improved fuzzy step-wise weight assessment ratio analysis (IMF SWARA) method and integration with the fuzzy measurement alternatives and ranking according to the compromise solution (fuzzy MARCOS) method. First, the data envelopment analysis (DEA) model was applied, showing that three road sections have a high traffic risk. After that, IMF SWARA was applied to determine the values of the weight coefficients of the criteria, and the fuzzy MARCOS method was used for the final ranking of the sections. The obtained results were verified through a three-phase sensitivity analysis with an emphasis on forming 40 new scenarios in which input values were simulated. The stability of the model was proven in all phases of sensitivity analysis
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road section; IMF SWARA; traffic safety; fuzzy MARCOS; DEA