Application of Multi Criteria Decision Making for the Selection of Optimal Solid Wood Fuel Supply

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo
Production of solid fuels from wooden biomass is defined with appropriate energy chain of supply. The notion of energy chain concept has been defined as the trajectory of energy transformations from the fuel source or energy sources to useful energy form to end users. Supply chain for production solid fuels from wooden biomass is also energy chain with high importance in biomass energy planning. In this paper, base for testing and research is developed mathematical model in previous published paper with preliminary note titled as “Multi-Criteria Optimization Concept for the Selection of Optimal Solid Fuels Supply Chain from Wooden Biomass“ at Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering. Three supply chains have been included in comparison: production of wood chips at the terminal – variant 1, production of pellet – variant 2 and production of wood chips by means of a mobile chipper in a forest – variant 3. The VIKOR methodology is used for total ranking all mentioned chains. Real input data have been used for mathematical calculation correspond to Bosnia and Herzegovina conditions.
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forest biomass; wood chips; pellet, energy chain; multi-criteria optimization; VIKOR method