Differences of Duration of the Fight Depending on the Stage of the Judo Competition

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Horizon Research Publishing
The purpose of this study is to compare the time characteristics of introductory and final rounds of judo competitions. This study analyzed 656 male judo fights in National Championships of Uzbekistan which were held in 2018 and 2019. All competition rounds were divided as first and the second subsample. Results were processed at the level of descriptive statistics. Descriptive parameters were counted: Average Indicator (M), Standard Deviation (SD), Minimal (Min) and Maximal (Max) results. The normality of the distribution of findings was tested using the Kolomogorov-Smirnov test and the T-test for independent samples was applied. Data were processed using the IBM SPSS Statistics 20.00 statistical package. The research results show that judo fights last longer in the second phase of the competition. The difference in the duration of the judo fights is - 63.47 seconds, i.e. the fight in the second phase of the competition lasts significantly longer, about 1.03 minutes. The results indicate that in judo both anaerobic and aerobic exercises are essential to get high achieves. High endurance capacity plays a crucial role in last rounds of the competition. This investigation would help to improve competitive effectiveness judokas, results would be clear indication of how to energy expenditure in a various rounds of the competition. Time characteristics of each phases of the contests are directly connected with physiological bases of judo such as energy consumption, VO2 intake and Blood Lactate concentrations of the athletes during the different rounds.
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Judo, Competition Rounds, Time Durations,Training