Experimental Investigation of SO2 Removal from Flue Gases by Cleaning with Solution of Lime Suspension and Formic Acid

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The experimental investigation presented in this research was performed in order to examine the possibility of the removal of SO2 from flue gases by cleaning with a solution of lime suspension and formic acid (Ca(OH)2 and HCOOH). Research was conducted in a laboratory plant (rotary kiln) of 44 kW. The mass of the lime suspension (LS) was 400 g. The mass of the LS was homogenized (mixed) in a sample cup with 2 g (0.5%), 4 g (1%) and 8 g (2%) of 60% formic acid. The solution was placed in a gas washing bottle, where a partial flow of flue gas generated by the combustion of diesel fuel was injected. Simultaneously with the diesel fuel combustion, SO2 from a bottle was injected in a rotary kiln. The average mass concentration of SO2 in the flue gas at the entry point of the gas washing bottle was around 2900 ppm. The results indicated that the absorption of SO2 by the cleaning of flue gas with LS was 96.83%. Adding formic acid to the LS in mass ratios of 0.5% (2 g), 1% (4 g) and 2% (8 g) resulted in absorptions of 99.25%, 98.77% and 98%, respectively. The absorption of flue gases in the gas washing bottle with LS, with the addition of formic acid in the mentioned ratios, showed a reduction in sulfates and pH value, and a rise in sulfides and calcium, respectively
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sulfur dioxide; flue gas desulfurization; lime suspension; formic acid; diesel fuel