Application of Two-Carrier Planetary Gear Trains to Shifting Gearboxes

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Technical University of Sofia
This article deals with two-carrier planetary gearsets having two connecting and two external shafts, which may operate as two-speed gearboxes when brakes are placed on two external shafts. Analysis of the S16WN(S/E) gearbox is performed using the torque method, the specific torques are determined on all shafts, and then used to calculate both transmission ratios. The kinematic scheme of the gearbox has been synthesized, and the relative power flows have been identified. Efficiency functions are calculated for both gear ratios. The graphical representation of the transmission ratio functions for both gear ratios was used to obtain the diagram of the shifting capabilities of the S16WN(S/E) gearbox. The importance and utility of such diagrams and the relevant equations for the determination of ideal torque ratios of the component gear trains is explained. The size of the transmission ratio domain suggests that the S16WN(S/E) gearbox has a wide area of possible applications.
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planetary gear train, gearbox, two-carrier, two-speed, ideal torque ratio, transmission ratio, efficiency