An Improved Version of Student Attendance Management System Based on RFID

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo
Student attendance registration is one of the routine but time-consuming tasks of teaching staff at higher education institutions. Various technical solutions are implemented to alleviate the administrative burden and partly automate this task. Most of them include the use of one or more of the following - Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, biometric solutions such as fingerprint and face recognition and mobile devices - mostly smartphones. In this paper, we present an improved version of our system based on RFID and some results of its use in a real environment. The main improvements have been made to a hardware component RFID reader and to a web-based application that is used by the faculty staff. Besides the usual features of similar systems related to student attendance, the system also includes features that enable integration with external systems, recording of necessary data regarding the work of teachers in class and generating of periodical reports on their work.
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student attendance, classroom management, RFID, information system, higher education, quality assurance