Procjena bilansa emisije CO2 iz termoelektrana sa količinom apsorbovanog CO2 šumama u Republici Srpskoj

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Faculty of Production and Management Trebinje, University of East Sarajevo
This paper deals with the comparison of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from thermal power plants in the Republic of Srpska with the amount of CO2 absorbed in the process of photosynthesis through existing wood stocks in forests and the achieved wood growth of forests in the territory of the Republic of Srpska. Since CO2 by definition has a negative impact on the climate on planet Earth and due to the fact that it causes the greenhouse effect, additional warming of our planet occurs. There are generally two procedures for estimating and determining CO2 emissions from thermal power plants: based on previously defined mathematical models and measured coal consumption. The measurement methods used for taking samples are: nonextractive (measuring probes and devices are located inside or in the smoke duct) and extractive (the sample is taken from the smoke duct and taken to the device where it is analyzed). Sensors based on which the composition is determined are divided into: electrolytic, optical, calorimetric and photometric. The calculated and predicted emissions from the existing thermal power plants in the Republic of Srpska were compared with the equivalent of CO2 storage in the forest biomass that the Republic of Srpska has at its disposal, from which were derived very interesting parts of the conclusions regarding the CO2 neutrality of the energy sector related to the thermal power plants of the Republic of Srpska.
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CO2 emissions, thermal power plants, pollution