Prediction of self-excited vibrations occurance during aluminium alloy AL 7075 milling

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo
Despite the existence of other production methods, metal cutting still plays an important role in modern production. The performance of machine tools has a decisive role in terms of productivity and quality of production increase. When we are talking about improving the performances of machine tools, the analysis of the appearance of self-excited vibrations and their isolation take a significant place. The aim of this paper comes from trends and limitations that are present in metal production. The paper presents analytical and experimental methods for identifying stability lobe diagrams in the aluminum alloy Al 7075 milling. The influence of certain regime on the occurrence of selfexcited vibrations, i.e. the definition of vibrational stable processing regimes, is considered.
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self-excited vibrations, stability lobe diagram, experimental modal analysis