Quality Performance Indicators Evaluation and Ranking by Using TOPSIS with the Interval-Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets in Project-Oriented Manufacturing Companies

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Project-oriented manufacturing companies aim to produce high-quality products according to customer requirements and a minimum rate of complaints. In order to achieve this, performance indicators, especially those related to product quality, must be measured and monitored by managers. This research proposes a fuzzy multi-criteria model for the selection of key performance indicators that are critical to product quality. The uncertainties in the relative importance of decision-makers, performance indicators, and their values are described by sets of natural language words that are modeled by the interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy numbers. The assessment of the relative importance of the decision-makers and the determination of their weights are based on the inclusion comparison probability between the closeness intuitionistic fuzzy sets. The determination of the weights vector of performance indicators is based on the integration of an interval-value fuzzy weighted geometric operator and the inclusion comparison probability between the closeness intuitionistic fuzzy sets. TOPSIS expanded with interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy numbers for ranking performance indicators is proposed. The developed model was tested on the real data collected from three manufacturing companies in the Republic of Serbia. Based on the obtained results, the top-ranked performance indicators were marked as critical for product quality and selected as quality key performance indicators.
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product quality; key performance indicators; TOPSIS; interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy numbers