Designing a Petri Net Model to Organize the Transport of Goods in the European Rail Chain

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A new railway concept where there is more than one company participating in the transportation chain, Lead Railway Undertaking – LRU, should be in charge of managing and controlling the transportation chain. Using a timed Petri net – TPN, a model of organizing European railway transport will be introduced as a system with discreet events whose state depends on the occurrence of discreet events from the moment of ordering the transportation until the moment of delivering the goods to the client. The tracking of wagons/goods is presented with a token that moves through a designed petri organization model. With the example of a possibility of shortening the estimated time of the wagon retention in stations by shortening the time of commercial checkups of goods, the PN model portrays a strong diagram of all the operations that include wagons, as well as the processes that occur parallel and in sync all along the railway chain.
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TSI TAF; Petri net; European railway; ITUs