Household food wastage in Albania: causes, extent and implications

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University of Kassel
Food waste (FW) is a very serious issue not only in ethical and social terms, but also given its economic and environmental impacts (cf. resource wastage and depletion). Recent data show that more than half of food wastage in the European Union is generated in households. FW is unfortunately not well addressed in Albania. For this reason, an exploratory online survey of 185 Albanians was carried out during August–November 2016 to analyse the causes, extent and implications of household food wastage in Albania. Most of the respondents’ profile included a high education level, which may have affected the survey’s outcomes. Nevertheless, results showed that awareness about negative impacts of FW is still low. Although FW seems high, few public initiatives and campaigns are put in place to tackle the issue. Therefore, it is time to move towards a comprehensive strategy that raises awareness on FW negative impacts in the Albanian society and increase knowledge on food purchase management, consumption habits and related food storage.
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food waste; consumer behaviour; economic loss; food labeling.