New Technologies in transforming natural hazards to hydro-technical object

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Athens : World Scientific and Engineering Acad and Soc
The biggest and one of the most interesting landslide in the basin of the river Visočica caused arising of natural accumulation of the water Zavojsko lake. To avoid the risks of uncontrolled waters, Zavojsko lake has been drained. in the second stage, during overhaul of landslide, the hydrotechnic measures have been taken at the dam, which was made stronger,strengthened and exceeded. It provided accumulation of Zavojsko lake with the water.Then, 520 hectare of the land have been flooded. Today, priority of the Zavojsko lake is in the water supply of the Pirot and Nis and hydroenergetic supply of the of the Water Power Plant in Pirot with the power of 80 MW which has been used from 1990. In this paper we describe how can new technologies be used in creating usefull hydro-technical objects
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Natural hazzard, hydro-technical system, informational terchnology