The Impact of the Family and Health Workers on Psychosocial Adaptation and the Process of Treatment of Oncological Patients

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Scientific Foundation SPIROSKI, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
BACKGROUND: Psychological support for patients and their families is of great importance at times when they go through shock, stress, and fear at moments when confronted with diagnosis and treatment. AIM: Aim to this study was to examine the influence of family attitudes on psychosocial adaptation and the effect of treatment of patients with malignancies to preserve the integrity of the diseased person in Bosnia and Herzegovina. METHODS: The cross-sectional study included 100 patients who were hospitalized at Foca University Hospital, Department of Oncology between September 2019 and December 2019. The survey used a sociodemographic questionnaire as well as a standardized questionnaire to evaluate communication with patients with malignant diseases for the patient and family (CCAT-PF). RESULTS: More than half of the respondents (69%) accepted the malignancy. When it comes to communication between health-care professionals and patients, 51% are satisfied with the communication and 49% are not satisfied. Most respondents (62%) hesitate to talk about side effects during treatment with health-care professionals, with a statistically significant difference observed between male and female respondents (χ2 = 6,014; p = 0.014). CONCLUSION: The time devoted to the subjects by the physicians as well as the willingness to listen to the patient is important aspects that influence the adaptation of the disease as well as the treatment.
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Psychosocial adaptation, Cancer, Patient, Family support