Improving computing issues in Internet of Things driven e-health systems

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The Internet of Things (IoT) progress shows a positive influence on all aspects of healthcare. Enabling access to high-quality healthcare to anyone, from anywhere are the main advantages of the IoT-driven e-health systems. Increasing numbers of medical devices and sensors and 24/7 monitoring of health parameters, consequently lead to enormous quantities and varieties of data. Having in mind the amounts of generated data and importance of on-time diagnosis and decision making as well as a significance of fast reactions in a case of detected abnormalities, transmitting all data to the Cloud for analysis may not be appropriate. For that reason, implementing a Fog computing, which realizes mini analytic processing centers at the edge of the network, appears as a better approach. This paper analyzes the manners and benefits of implementing Fog computing in the IoT-driven e-health systems. It is expected that the IoT and Fog computing together will revolutionize healthcare like nothing else before.
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Internet of Things (IoT); e-health; Cloud; Fog computing