Dynamic Analysis of the Crane with Loading-unloading Trolley on the Slewing Platform

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Institut IMK "14. oktobar", Kruševac
Dynamic processes of the cranes with loading-unloading trolley on slewing platform are very complex and require certain simplifications, although efforts should be made to theoretically involve widest range of impacts, with respect to degree of importance of individual impacts. The study of the dynamic behavior of the cranes is very important in terms of precise determination of stress state, as well as the other characteristics of the elements and supporting structures. Dynamic loads of the cranes occur during periods of non-stationary operating regimes of any of its mechanisms. In this paper, we obtain the differential equations of motion of the cranes for some specific cases of movement, based on general multi-mass model of the crane with loading-unloading trolley on slewing platform.
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Rotary crane, dynamic loading, Equations of motion