Педесет четврта катедрална беседа Севира Антиохијског: увод, сирски текст и превод на српски

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Београд, Свети Архијерејски Синод Српске Православне Цркве
This paper contains an introduction, the Syriac text, and a translation into Serbian of the „FiftyFourth Cathedral Homily” of Severus of Antioch. In the introduction the author presents the most important events 282 Теолошки погледи / Theological Views LV (2/2022) from Severus’ biography, then he reviews the recent articles on Severus of Antioch published in Serbian. He shows that most of the works dealing with Severus of Antioch focus on the problem of his Christology, and notices that the Serbian readers cannot get acquainted with Severus’ teaching on other subjects. An exception is an article by P. Jevremović, in which he deals with Severus’ understanding of the development of human personality. By translating this homily, the author aims to expand the comprehension of Severus’ thoughts, at least on one subject. Afterward, the teaching of the Homily on the Christians’ visiting the theaters and participating in the spectacles at the hippodrome is compared with the similar homilies of John Chrysostom – Severus’ predecessor as a preacher in Antioch, whose acme was about a century and a half before him, and Jacob of Serugh — Severus’ contemporary and ally against the confession of faith of the council of Chalcedon (451). What all three authors have in common is that they advise Christians against visiting such spectacles because they are related to paganism — they are dedicated to pagan gods, and are held to honor them. Moreover, these spectacles are often lewd, and immoral, and this not only affects salvation, but also affects everyday life, family relations, and relationships with the wider community. From this, it can be concluded that Severus remains faithful to the Christian tradition. In addition to this, in this homily Severus reminds Christians of the way they should treat animals, a reminder useful also for modern Christians who face environmental challenges, and that the animals are also God’s creations and should not be abused. Severus ends the homily by rejecting the practice of rare communion of the Body and Blood of Christ and urging Christians to take communion frequently.
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Severus of Antioch, theaters, spectacles, hippodrome, John Chrysostom, Jacob of Serugh.