Analysis of the Shifting Capabilities of Planetary Gear Trains with Coplanar Planet Gearsets

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Technical University of Sofia
This paper deals with the comparison of two different simple planetary gearsets. The first type is a 2k-h, variant A geartrain, while the other is a simple planetary gearset with coplanar paired planets. Methods for the kinematic synthesis of both gear trains are explored, together with the analysis of the transmission ratios that can be achieved by the gearsets. Both gear trains are analysed for the possibility of operating as a reversing gear train within their design limitations. The type with paired planets is of particular interest, as it can be built in a configuration that will have a transmission ratio of -1. This also enables compound gear trains having equal transmission ratios in both directions of rotation of the output shaft to be built.
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planetary gear train, simple gear train, coplanar paired planet gears, reversing gear train, compound planetary gear train