Апокрифни Псалми 152–155 Увод и превод

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Apocryphal Psalms 152–155 are preserved in the Syriac language. They have been known in the Western world since the 18th century, when the Syriac text was published for the first time. They have been translated into English in the 19th century, and in German and French in the 20th century. Since the middle of the 20th century — since the discovery of manuscripts in the Qumran caves, more attention has been paid to them because Psalm 154–155 were found in Hebrew. This discovery leads to additional comparisons and analyzes of those psalms preserved in Syriac and those newly found in Hebrew. An attention is also focused on Psalms 152–153 with the aim of examining whether they also have the basis on a Hebrew Vorlage. In this paper, the author presents the hypotheses presented by researchers of Psalms 152–155 concerning their origin, as well as how they are viewed today and points to possible topic that researchers could deal with in the future. At the end of the paper, the author brings a translation of the psalms into Serbian from the Syriac language.
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Apocrypha, Syriac, Psalms, Hebrew, Qumran.