Adaptive Modeling of Prediction of Telecommunications Network Throughput Performances in the Domain of Motorway Coverage

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The main goal of this paper is to create an adaptive model based on multilayer perceptron (MLP) for prediction of average downlink (DL) data throughput per user and average DL data throughput per cell within an LTE network technology and in a geo-space that includes a segment of the Motorway 9th January with the access roads. The accuracy of model prediction is estimated based on relative error (RE). With multiple trainings and testing of 30 different variants of the MLP model, with different metaparameters the final model was chosen whose average accuracy for the Cell Downlink Average Throughput variable is 89.6% (RE = 0.104), while for the Average User Downlink Throughput variable the average accuracy is 88% (RE = 0.120). If the coefficient of determination is observed, the results showed that the accuracy of the best selected prediction model for the first variable is 1.4% higher than the accuracy of the prediction of the selected model for the second dependent variable. In addition, the results showed that the performance of the MLP model expressed over R2 was significantly better compared to the reference multiple linear regression (MLR) model used.
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predictive models; MLP; prediction; throughput; LTE; cell; model training; model testing; coefficient of determination