Intelligent Novel IMF D-SWARA—Rough MARCOS Algorithm for Selection Construction Machinery for Sustainable Construction of Road Infrastructure

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The quality of road infrastructure largely depends on the quality of road construction and adequate construction machinery. In order to reduce uncertainties and improve the performance of road infrastructure, it is necessary to apply modern and appropriate construction machinery. The aim of this study was to create a novel integrated multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) model for the selection of pavers for the middle category of roads. A total of 16 criteria were defined and then divided into four main groups, on the basis of which the performance of 12 pavers was evaluated. Improved Fuzzy StepwiseWeight Assessment Ratio Analysis (IMF SWARA) with D numbers (IMF D-SWARA) was extended to determine the significance of the criteria for the selection of construction machinery based on two groups of experts. Rough measurement of choices and their ranking as a compromise solution (R-MARCOS) was used to evaluate and rank the performance of construction machinery. The results show that three alternatives out of the set considered can satisfy defined requirements. After that, we performed a multi-phase validity test in which different values of criterion weights were simulated. A comparative analysis with seven other Rough MCDM methods was also created, and the Spearman’s correlation coefficient (SCC) and WS coefficient were calculated to determine the correlation of ranks for sensitivity analysis and comparative analysis. Thus, the obtained results were verified.
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road infrastructure; construction; D numbers; IMF SWARA; Rough MARCOS; construction mechanization