Energy saving in the power plants using automatic control

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The constant striving to reduce energy consumption leads toward introduction of strategies, which can enable it. In this paper, the strategy which includes frequency regulators into control system of condensate level in condenser of turbine in thermal power plant Gacko is proposed. Properly tuned PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controllers are precondition for appropriate process control. Therefore, the mathematical model of this system is formed and simulations of auto-tuning of PID controllers, using ideal relay and saturation relay as nonlinearity, are carried out. Static load disturbance are considered too, because of its adverse effect both directly on the object, and in auto-tuning process, which causes errors in determining of PID regulator’s parameters. The justification of the introduction of frequency regulators has been confirmed by calculation of energy saving. Its feasibility was proved through simulation of the functioning of the entire control system of level in condenser, based on consideration of characteristic parameters of system response.
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Auto-tuning, Energy saving, Frequency regulators, PID controller, Process control