Some Considerations on the Decoupling Control of TITO Systems

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Faculty of Electronic Engineering; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Niš
Proper understanding of the system nature is significant precondition for its successful control. Always actual issue about its mutual coupling was considered in this paper. Multivariable system with two-inputs and two-outputs (TITO) was in the focus here. Dominant pole placement method has been used in trying to tune PID controllers that should support decoupling control. The aim was to determine parameters of the PID controllers which, in combination with decoupler, can obtain good dynamical behavior of the system. Another goal was to simplify tuning procedure of PID controllers and enlarge possibility for introducing given approach into practice. But, research results indicate that proposed procedure leads to usage of P controllers, because they enable the best performances for the considered object. Research has been supported by simulations and therefore effectiveness of the proposed method, regarding quality of system behavior, was presented on the several examples.
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Decoupling control, PID control, TITO process, dominant pole placement method