A comprehensive assessment of medical schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina

OBJECTIVES To perform internal and external evaluations of all 5 medical schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina against international standards. METHODS We carried out a 2-stage survey study using the same 5-point Likert scale for internal and external evaluations of 5 medical schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banja Luka, Foča ⁄East Sarajevo, Mostar, Sarajevo and Tuzla). Participants consisted of managerial staff, teaching staff and students of medical schools, and external expert assessors. Main outcome measures included scores on internal and external evaluation forms for 10 items concerning aspects of school curriculum and functioning: "School mission and objectives"; "Curriculum"; "Management"; "Staff"; "Students"; "Facilities and technology"; "Financial issues"; "International relationships"; "Internal quality assurance", and "Development plans". RESULTS During internal assessment, schools consistently either overrated their overall functioning (Foča ⁄ East Sarajevo, Mostar and Tuzla) or markedly overrated or underrated their performance on individual items on the survey (Banja Luka and Sarajevo). Scores for internal assessment differed from those for external assessment. These differences were not consistent, except for the sections "School mission and objectives", "Curriculum" and "Development plans", which were consistently overrated in the internal assessments. External assessments was more positive than internal assessments on "Students" and "Facilities and technology" in 3 of 5 schools. CONCLUSIONS This assessment exercise in 5 medical schools showed that constructive and structured evaluation of medical education is possible, even in complex and unfavourable conditions. Medical schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina have successfully formed a national consortium for formal collaboration in curriculum development and reform.
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education, medical, undergraduate ⁄ *organisation & administration ⁄ standards; curriculum⁄ *standards; schools, medical ⁄ *organisation & administration; educational measurement; Bosnia and Herzegovina; programme evaluation; multicentre study [publication type].