The Influence of Liners on the Pulp Inflammation

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Serbian Medical Association
Introduction The study included application of liners and dental composites in to cavities of six experimental animals – rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus). Objective The aim of the study was to investigate rabbit dental pulp response to different liners. Methods Cavity preparation for class V were made on the maxillary central incisors and one lower incisor, while the second lower incisor served as a control tooth. These teeth were restored with the use of one of the following liners – Calcimol LC, ANA Liner and Fuji II LC Improved, and Ceram-X mono dental composite. After an observation period of five days animals were sacrificed and prepared for histological analysis. The existence and degree of the pulp inflammation was determined by using a light microscope. Results Results showed that the used liners do not cause distortion of the structure and continuity of the odontoblastic layer. Inflammation was not registered in the control group, while in each group of tested materials one tooth with mild signs of hyperemia was registered. Results showed that all three tested liners demonstrated favorable effects on the pulp of the tooth and did not lead to inflammatory reactions. Conclusion Histological analysis of the dental pulp of experimental animals suggests that the liners used in this study do not compromise the integrity of the odontoblastic layer, if it is applied over a thin layer of dentin. In each group of tested materials one tooth with mild signs of hyperemia and vasodilation was registered.
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liners; pulp; teeth; rabbit