Assessment of Causes of Delays in the Road Construction Projects in the Benin Republic Using Fuzzy PIPRECIA Method

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Purpose. The purpose of this study is to examine the causes of delays in road construction projects in the Benin Republic from the consultant, client, and contractor perspectives. Design/Methodology/Approach. Through construction project reports, 20 factors that could cause delays in road construction projects were identified. The factors were arranged into a questionnaire, which was distributed to three separate experts. The fuzzy PIPRECIA (PIvot Pairwise RElative Criteria Relevance Assessment) method was used to calculate the independent importance of each delay factor. The Spearman and Pearson correlation coefficients were used to test the method’s consistency. Findings. The top five road construction project delays in the Benin Republic, according to the analysis of the 20 factors considered, are project funding, slowness during the client-endorsed payment process, scarcity of professional personnel, delay in indemnifying reimbursement (land-owners), and price escalation. This shows that of the various types of delays, the financial delay group is the most crucial. Originality/value. This study evaluates the causes of delays in road construction projects in the Benin Republic for the first time in literature. This study also examined the top 5 delay factors in road construction projects. This study is based on reports from road construction projects and a performed questionnaire survey. Based on the findings, measures have been formulated to aid project managers to alleviate the road construction delays in the Benin Republic. In addition, this study is practical for both scholars and road construction parties and provides a complete and verifiable analysis of the progress of a road construction project to make it easier and attain a competitive level of time, cost, and quality for successful road construction.
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