Estimation of linear expansion coefficient and thermal diffusivity by photoacoustic numerical self-consistent procedure

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In this paper, a self-consistent inverse procedure is developed for the estimation of linear thermal expansion coefficient and thermal diffusivity of solids from transmission photoacoustic measurement. This procedure consists of two single-parameter fitting processes applied alternately: phase data are fitted by shifting thermal diffusion coefficient, while amplitude data are fitted by shifting thermal expansion coefficient. Each fitting process uses the resulting parameter of the other, previously finished one, thus converging to the best solution-pair achievable. In numerical experiments, the convergence proves to be very fast. The achieved parameter estimation error is as low as 1%, and it can be lowered further more by increasing the fitting resolution in parameter space. The application of the procedure on experimentally obtained aluminum photoacoustic response (measurements) on three thickness levels returns the estimates of its thermal diffusion and thermal expansion coefficients within expected literature boundaries
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