Evaluation of biochemical markers effectiveness in elderly malnutrition assessment

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Medical Association of Zenica-Doboj Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Aim To systematically review the scientific evidence of biomarker validity, reliability, specificity and sensitivity in identifying malnutrition in the elderly. Methods Peer-reviewed journals were searched using PUBMED and EBSCO from January 1998 to April 2018. The articles included description of the association between malnutrition blood biomarkers and validated nutritional status assessment instruments and studies were conducted among community-dwelling elderly or nursing home residents. Results The research strategy identified a total of 293 studies. This literature review picked out seven articles for follow-up evaluation. A total of sixteen blood biomarkers were identified. Six studies found a significant association between the nutritional assessment score and albumin level. Conclusion Combining serum concentrations of malnutrition biomarkers with nutritional status assessment tools has a great potential in identifying the risk of malnutrition in the elderly, while also increasing sensitivity and specificity.
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aged, biomarkers, geriatric assessment, humans, malnutrition