A New Methodology for Improving Service Quality Measurement: Delphi-FUCOM-SERVQUAL Model

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The daily requirements and needs imposed on the executors of logistics services imply the need for a higher level of quality. In this, the proper execution of all sustainability processes and activities plays an important role. In this paper, a new methodology for improving the measurement of the quality of the service consisting of three phases has been developed. The first phase is the application of the Delphi method to determine the quality dimension ranking. After that, in the second phase, using the FUCOM (full consistency method), we determined the weight coefficients of the quality dimensions. The third phase represents determining the level of quality using the SERVQUAL (service quality) model, or the difference between the established gaps. The new methodology considers the assessment of the quality dimensions of a large number of participants (customers), on the one hand, and experts’ assessments on the other hand. The methodology was verified through the research carried out in an express post company. After processing and analyzing the collected data, the Cronbach alpha coefficient for each dimension of the SERVQUAL model for determining the reliability of the response was calculated. To determine the validity of the results and the developed methodology, an extensive statistical analysis (ANOVA, Duncan, Signum, and chi square tests) was carried out. The integration of certain methods and models into the new methodology has demonstrated greater objectivity and more precise results in determining the level of quality of sustainability processes and activities.
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quality; sustainability processes; Delphi; FUCOM (full consistency method); SERVQUAL (service quality); new methodology