Development of Modified SERVQUAL–MCDM Model for Quality Determination in Reverse Logistics

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To run a business successfully, quality determination and customer relations are very important factors. Therefore, it is necessary to measure quality and identify critical points of business. In this paper, an original integrated model for measuring the service quality of reverse logistics (RL) was developed for the company Komunalac Tesli´c, which was used as an example. The Delphi and Full Consistency Method (FUCOM) was applied to determine the significance of the quality dimensions, while a modified SERVQUAL (SQ) model was used to measure the service quality of the logistics. An original SQ questionnaire was formed with a total of 21 statements that were arranged in five standard dimensions. Examining the reliability of the questionnaire for quality dimensions using the Cronbach Alpha coefficient, it was found that the measurement scales for dimensions are appropriate in terms of user expectations, while in terms of quality perception there is no measurement scale for the empathy dimension. An extensive statistical analysis was then performed to verify the results. A Signum test was applied to identify the relationship between the responses in terms of expectations and perceptions, i.e., to examine their differences. The findings obtained by this research show that the expectations were higher than the perceived quality of the services and that there was a significant statistical difference for 12 of the SQ statements. For two statements, there was a significant statistical difference in favor of perceived quality compared to expectations. Based on the results obtained, the company must improve its services in order for service quality to be at a satisfactory level.
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quality; reverse logistics; sustainability; SERVQUAL model; waste management; Signum test; FUCOM